Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it.

We require that you provide some personal information, to provide GearVRf Project services to its Members, and to improve the GearVRf Project. The type of information collected, how it is used, and the information privacy choices you have, are detailed in this policy.

Information Collection and Use

We collect the information you provide when you register for an account or complete an information request form.

We use this information to satisfy your requests for further information, to customize our responses and our future communication with you, and to contact you, regarding development and events in the GearVRf Project and/or Project areas that you have expressed general interest in.

We make every effort to allow you to opt-in and opt-out of receiving GearVRf Project messages. However, if you are receiving messages from us and cannot find a way to unsubscribe, please contact us at

Information Sharing

We will not release your personal information to anyone by any method, including selling, renting, or sharing, unless:

  • You grant us permission.
  • We are required to do so by law.

We will not share personal identification information data, either for single individuals or groups, with any parties, including those affiliated with the GearVRf Project, such as members or sponsors.

How We Use Cookies

The GearVRf Project website uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of text data, sent from our webserver to your browser, and stored on your device. The cookie is sent back to the webserver each time the browser connects to this website. We use cookies to personalize the website and to streamline your interaction with the website.

It may be possible to configure your browser to refuse cookies, or to ask you to accept each time a cookie is offered. If you choose not to accept cookies, areas of this website may have reduced functionality or performance.

Software on our servers or third-party web statics services may store your IP address and other information passed on by your browser (such as browser version, operating system, screen size, language, etc). and/or third-party services will aggregate this information to provide usage statistics for this website. We use this information to optimize the design, structure, and performance of the Project website. In particular, Google Analytics is used to provide usage statistics. For more information, read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Data Security

The GearVRf Project is also committed to the security of your personal information. We train those who work on the GearVRf Project on this privacy policy. The Project website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your personal information, by encrypting your information when you send it to the GearVRf Project.

Public Forum Content

The GearVRf Project makes available to its users several communication forums (such as mail lists, blogs, and others). Be aware that any information or messages you share in these forums immediately becomes public information. Exercise caution in determining whether to disclose any of your personal information. The GearVRf Project is an open source website, intended to encourage creative thinking and free expression; however, the GearVRf Project reserves the right to act as necessary to preserve the integrity of the website and its forums, including removing any and all posts deemed vulgar or inappropriate.

Children's Online Privacy

Regarding children under the age of 13, the GearVRf Project does not knowingly:

  • Accept personal information from them
  • Allow them to become registered members of the GearVRf Project website

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may update this policy. We will contact you if we make any substantial changes in how we use your personal information. This privacy policy was last updated on March 25, 2015.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy itself, or on how we use personal information in the GearVRf Project, please contact us at