Getting Started

Software Requirements

Before start using GearVR Framework, make sure you download the following SDKs

Hardware Requirements

GearVR Framework supports following devices

  • Gear VR compatible Samsung phone:
    • Note 8
    • Galaxy S8
    • Galaxy S8+
    • Galaxy S7
    • Galaxy S7 Edge
    • Note 5
    • Galaxy S6
    • Galaxy S6 Edge
    • Galaxy S6+
  • Samsung Gear VR headset
  • Daydream-ready phone
  • Google Daydream View VR headset

Getting Started

Getting started with GearVR Framework in few simple steps

  1. Download the template project
  2. Rename your project by changine the folder name
  3. Open the project with Android Studio
  4. Rename your Android App by updating app_name field of app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml
  5. (For Gear VR only) Make sure to download your Oculus signature file and copy it under app\src\main\assets folder
  6. (For DayDream only) remove following code

    1. in app/build.gradle

      compile "org.gearvrf:backend_oculus:$gearvrfVersion"

    2. in AndroidManifest.xml

      <meta-data android:name="" android:value="vr_only"/>

  7. (For DayDream only) add following code (read more)

    1. in AndroidManifest.xml

          <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
          <!-- intent-filter for DayDream-->
          <category android:name=""/>
          <!-- End intent-filter for DayDream-->

  8. Update the applicationID in app/build.gradle to avoid conflict between other GearVR Framework apps.

  9. Click Run button and put on your VR device

Device Setup

Gear VR

After you build the application, click Start and your device will install Oculus automatically.


You can test VR apps without a VR headset, by enabling Samsung VR service developer mode. Settings > Apps > manage applications > Gear VR Service > Storage > Manage Storage - press the "VR Service Version" 6 times. After that a 'You are a developer' message will appear.


Make sure to install your VR app with a valid oculus signature on the device first. Otherwise you'll see a 'You are not a developer' message.


Screen will start blinking after you turn on the developer mode


Enable Google VR Service from "Settings" => "Apps" => "Google VR Service" make sure it has the permission it required to run.