GearVRf Samples and Demos

To get the GearVR Framework Samples and Demos, clone the following repository in the same directory as where you did the clone for the framework source code:

$ git clone -b release_v3.2

!!!Note You should put both GearVRf/ and GearVRf-Demos/ in the same directory.

Sample GearVRf Applications

Sample GearVRf applications, available in the GearVRf SDK, can provide you with valuable insight into writing your own VR applications.

A minimal sample showing how to display an equirectangular (360) photo.

A minimal sample showing how to display an equirectangular (360) video using either Android's MediaPlayer class or the ExoPlayer class.

A simplified version of the gvr-3dcursor sample that shows how to use the 3DCursor plugin.

Shows how to use GearVRf's accessibility classes. For example: InvertedColors, TextToSpeech, and Zoom.

Simple sample showing how to use GearVRf with the Bullet Physics plugin.

Simple sample showing how to use the camera2 api along with renderscript for use with the passthrough camera.

Simple example of Spatial Audio using GoogleVR's audio library (previously used cardboard's audio library).

A simple sample which can contain as many Stanford bunnies as we want to make it complex

A simple sample that demostrates how to use VR controller.

A nice demo that shows input from both the gamepad and touchpad to control a character.

A simple example to show how to load in a cubemap and use it for the background as well as a reflection on an object.

An example showing how to display Android Views inside VR and route events to those views.

A simple picking example.

A minimal example showing how to receive input from a gamepad.

A larger sample that shows a concept of an immersive virtual museum. Uses many features of GearVRf: picking, TextViews, Video, input, etc.

A minimal example showing how an application can be written with Javascript.

A sample that shows how to create a virtual keyboard, including voice input, and use it in a simple trivia game.

A minimal example showing how an application can be written with Lua.

A simple sample that loads in an animated model and starts the animation.

A viewer that allows you to select and display models stored in /sdcard/GVRModelViewer2/. You can look at the model from different angles, change lighting, look at it in wireframe, and toggle animations. Uses the libGDX plugin for UI.

A simple sample showing how to use multiple lights.

A sample showing how to use multiple render passes with the same geometry to show an outline.

A sample showing how to use particle system plugin

A sample used to test the performance of Gear VR Framework

The remote scripting sample enables the debug server and sets up a text object with the ipaddress of the phone so we know where to telnet into.

Inflates and displays some Android views onto a rotating cube.

A sample demostrates the render to texture functionality

Shows how create the various scene object types: quad, cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, passthrough camera, text, video. Tap the touchpad to cycle through the objects.

A sample that shows a light source with shadowing.

A sample demostrates simple physics scene

A simple sample that creates a quad and applies a texture to it.

A sample that shows both heirarchy and animation.

A sample that shows how to use the GVRSwitch node.

Samples for Youtube Gear VR Framework tutorial video

A simple augmented reality sample using the Vuforia computer vision library. It looks for a marker and displays a teapot on top of it. You can use either the stone or chips markers. PDFs for the markers are in gvr-vuforia/app/src/main/.

A sample for using WidgetViewer component